Patient Testimonial - Mommy Makeover

Solomon Plastic Surgery, Frisco, TX - Mommy Makeover Patient Testimonial


I'm Lauren. I had a breast aug and lift and also a tummy tuck. Whenever I was starting to look for a surgeon, I literally just googled like best plastic surgeon in Dallas and Dr. Solomon had the best overall reviews. So I started looking at his photos and everything just looked very natural and his attention to detail, you can really tell like, especially with the tummy, the belly buttons didn't look awkward. A lot of the time you just see like a slit and they looked the most natural and you could tell that he really paid attention to making sure that it looked as natural as possible and as realistic.

So it's just like a overall more competent feel. Your clothes fit better. My biggest fear was that my closet was going to have to be replaced and I was happy to see the outcome. Once I put my clothes on, it's not only do they still fit, but they hang better, look nicer. I felt more confident in them or feel more confident in them and then just overall, just a better look.

Candace and Alison have been five stars, above and beyond, whether it's me sending an email, me calling them, they're always very quick to respond, answering anything I need, like the paperwork that was needed for work, anything like that, and made sure that I had all that taken care of.

Not, not just that, but even after surgery, just were very compassionate and genuine. I mean, it almost felt like family checking on you to make sure you were feeling good and that everything was smooth and nothing was needed and just really like it really was a family environment.