Patient Testimonial - 360 Full Body Procedure

Solomon Plastic Surgery - 360 Full Body Procedure Patient Testimonial


I chose Dr. Solomon after doing a Google search. I had recently moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and I've wanted to have the surgery that I had for a long time, several years. So I did a Google search of different plastic surgeons, and I did a few consultations. Once I'd made the commitment to come see Dr. Solomon, I felt comfortable, at home, first time I walked through the door. Everybody was so professional, they greeted me, I felt at home. And Dr. Solomon's bedside manner is the best. He came in, he sat down, he didn't rush through anything. He took his time, explained everything, all my expectations were met. So he was the man.

What I was going into, because of course Dr. Solomon explained everything thoroughly. So before I was very dissatisfied with what I looked like without my clothes. People would look at me and say, "You're so tiny, you're so tiny." But I had some extra baggage, I had had three children, so I wanted that taken care of. Afterwards, mind blown. It was worth every ounce of pain going through. I couldn't expect anything better. He gave me my life back, basically.