Who is a good candidate for cosmetic surgery? - Dallas, TX

Undergoing cosmetic surgery is one of the most important decisions that you will make. It is very important to select a surgeon with the appropriate training, credentials and experience to give you the desired result. The best results are obtained in a well educated patient with realistic expectation, looking to correct specific undesirable changes secondary to aging or other factors. Knowledge about the procedure and the recovery process also enables one to go through the post-operative phase smoothly without undue anxiety as final results can take several weeks to manifest.

One also needs to be relatively healthy without major medical problems. Medical problems can complicate anesthesia, recovery and sometimes cause serious adverse effects unrelated to the surgical procedure. All surgery has risks. I spend as much time as necessary to educate my patients on the surgical procedure, post-operative recovery and potential complications. I only schedule an operation when the patient can make a truly informed decision to undergo the procedure after thoroughly knowing the potential benefits and risks.

Cosmetic surgery cannot by itself change life’s circumstances or restore relationships. Hence the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery should not be impulsive but well thought out. I personally advise patients going through emotional stress of any kind to wait till their circumstances are stable.

Since cosmetic surgery is not insurance covered, the financial implications should also be well thought out. It is my opinion that cosmetic surgery should not come at the cost of finances saved for other important life events.