What are the characteristics of an attractive eyebrow - Part 2


In the last post I talked about the two components of an attractive brow:

1. Brow shape

2. Brow height

We covered brow shape in our last post. Today we will look at brow height. But before we get into this, the viewer needs to understand what the lid cheek junction is. This is the junction point of the lower eyelid and the cheek. It is marked by the single arrow in the first photo on the patients right side (our left). The lid cheek junction appears lower with advancing age and a bulging lower eyelid. A lower lid lift will bring this junction up.

In someone with an attractive eyebrow, the pupil is exactly in the middle of two points; one point placed over the mid eyebrow above and the other point placed at the lower eyelid/ cheek junction below. Look at the left eye of the patient in photo 1. The line from the pupil to the brow is shorter than the line from the pupil to the lower lid cheek junction. In photo 2, which shows the patient after a brow lift, the lines are of equal length and the pupil is in the middle of the two points discussed above.

With age, the lid cheek junction gets lower. To balance this out, the brow needs to be lifted so that the pupil is still at the middle of the two points discussed above. Conversely, if a lower eyelid lift is done and the lower lid cheek junction is moved up, then the brow will look attractive even without a brow lift.

Unfortunately a brow lift is one of the most over done procedures in plastic surgery; this makes the patient look odd, surprised and perplexed as the brow is lifted too high and the inner end of the brow (that is ideally lower) is lifted higher than the outer end (which is ideally higher).

Finally between brow shape and brow height; shape takes precedence. A low brow that is well shaped will still look attractive. But a brow at the right height will not look good if the shape is compromised.

At Solomon Plastic Surgery, we go for the natural and rejuvenated look. In certain patients, Dr. Solomon does a lower eyelid lift and fat injection to the brow as opposed to a brow lift, which can lift the brow too high.

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