I want a C cup breast; what size implant should I go with?

This is one of the commonest questions I come across! Implant sizing is very subjective. Here are links to two of my patient's galleries who were both C cups after breast augmentation.

35 year old after breast augmentation, Dallas, TX

32 year old after breast augmentation, Dallas TX

The first patient had 225 cc implants and the second had 300 cc implants. 

There is no standardization of bra cup sizes. A woman can be measured a C cup, only to go across the street to another company and be measured differently. Similarly, implants produce a certain size based on the amount of pre-existing breast tissue. Besides, there is the variation of body frame, height and weight. Therefore a given implant could very well be a C cup in one woman and a B or D cup in another.

At Solomon plastic surgery, we spend a lot of time discussing desired outcomes and matching an implant to a prospective patient based on detailed measurements taken at consultation. 

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