Eyelid droop after botox possible?

Dr. Matthias Solomon | 04/05/2018

When Botox is injected to the glabella (the area just above and in between the brows) it helps to decrease the frown lines in this area.


Will gummy bear implants give a more natural breast shape?

Dr. Matthias Solomon | 03/27/2018

Gummy bear or anatomical implants are shaped like a breast.


Do I need a midface lift? Will a facelift correct the midface?

Dr. Matthias Solomon | 03/14/2018

Discover the facelift that will elevate both the midface and lower face by reading within.


What are the characteristics of an attractive eyebrow - Part 2

Dr. Matthias Solomon | 03/01/2018

In our blog today, we discuss part 2 of brow shape.


What are the characteristics of an attractive eyebrow?

Dr. Matthias Solomon | 02/22/2018

In our blog today, we will address brow shape.


Do I need a breast lift or can I just do implants?

Dr. Matthias Solomon | 02/14/2018

Dr. Solomon discusses a Breast Lift vs a Breast Augmentation.


Should I go for saline or gel implants?

Dr. Matthias Solomon | 02/13/2018

Read along as Dr. Solomon discusses Saline and Gel Implants.


What are the hallmarks of a perfect Tummy Tuck?

Dr. Matthias Solomon | 02/05/2018

After looking at the photos, can you guess who had a Tummy Tuck?


I want a C cup breast; what size implant should I go with?

Dr. Matthias Solomon | 01/30/2018

Read along as Dr. Solomon discusses how implant sizing is very subjective and shows examples of two of his own patients breast augmentation galleries.


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